Create More Tattoo Opportunities

While a large number of clients use laser tattoo removal to remove their tattoo completely, many people use laser tattoo removal as a tool to lighten their existing artwork to better prepare for a cover-up tattoo. Fading an existing or unfinished tattoo before a cover-up helps tattoo artists give you the tattoo design you actually want without compromising its size, colors, or pigment density.

Many dark, heavily saturated black tattoos are nearly impossible to cover with a tattoo made of lighter colors. This essentially limits your cover-up options to a large solid black design or shape. Without laser tattoo removal, most cover-ups require darker colors than the existing artwork and twice the amount of ink to completely conceal the original piece.

Laser tattoo removal creates a cleaner canvas for your tattoo artist to work on while giving them more flexibility and creativity with their design. Best of all, laser tattoo removal for cover-ups only requires a few treatments for sufficient fading. Luckily, black ink is the easiest pigment for our Duality laser to remove. If you’re interested in lightening your tattoo for a cover-up piece, contact us today! We’ll even connect you with one of Surreal Tattoo Studio’s talented tattoo artists.

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