GONE Laser Tattoo Removal uses advanced laser technology to precisely target unwanted ink in your skin and remove it without harming any surrounding skin tissue. Keep reading to get familiar with the procedure and learn how GONE Laser Tattoo Removal works.

Tattoo Permanency

laser tattoo removal kansas city missouriOne of the biggest pros and cons about a tattoo is its permanent design. Tattoo application involves a needle puncturing the skin and injecting ink particles into the skin’s dermis layer. Immediately upon insertion, your immune system sends macrophages, a type of white blood cell, to the puncture wound to heal the area and remove the foreign ink particles from your skin. The macrophages attempt to absorb the ink particles and dispose of them through the bloodstream. However, the ink particles are too large to be absorbed by the white blood cells so they remain trapped in the skin’s dermis. Over time, the macrophages continuously scrape away at the large ink particles making your tattoo fade gradually.

Laser-Skin Interaction

Laser tattoo removal assists your immune system by breaking the ink particles into smaller fragments that the macrophages can easily absorb and remove, substantially speeding up the natural fading process that’s typically carried out over many years. During a treatment, our Astanza Duality laser sends multiple quick pulses of light energy into the skin. With each laser pulse, the trapped ink particles absorb the light energy and instantly shatter into fragmented particles. These smaller particles are then naturally removed by your immune system over the weeks following a treatment.

Multiple treatments are usually needed to completely remove a tattoo. Each session with the laser continues to break down the particles, first targeting the shallowest layer of ink and working its way down until your tattoo is no longer visible. Our expert laser technicians will determine the number of treatments your unique tattoo will need depending on a variety of factors.

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