Better Technology, Better Results

GONE Laser Tattoo Removal exclusively uses the Astanza Duality, a cutting-edge Q-switched Nd:YAG laser. This advanced technology is trusted by leading tattoo removal practitioners worldwide and backed by Astanza, the leaders in lasers for tattoo removal.

The Astanza Duality is a high-powered tattoo removal system that combines dual wavelength capabilities, high peak power, and an innovative square spot beam to help us remove a wide range of tattoos faster than ever before.

The Duality uses two essential wavelengths, 1064 nm and 532 nm, that can completely remove ink in virtually all tattoos and are safe to use on all skin types. This laser also features an ultra-short pulse duration and photo-acoustic effect to instantly shatter ink, promoting faster ink clearance with each treatment and better results for all clients.

The Duality’s unique square-spot beam shape helps us reduce treatment overlap, reducing risks of epidermal injury and pigmentation changes for clients with darker skin tones. All of these features combined make the Astanza Duality at GONE Laser Tattoo Removal the best solution for removing unwanted ink in Kansas City.

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